Business-Class Email Hosting and Collaboration

Business-Class Email Hosting and CollaborationBusiness-Class Email Hosting and Collaboration.

Focus your resources on your business, while we bolster your productivity through always-on support for email, Office 365 and Exchange, plus always-on support. We’ve been delivering email hosting and collaboration services for over 20 years, and we can help you choose the right solutions for your specific business and security requirements.

Our experts are here to support you, around the clock, so you can maximize the value of your email and collaboration technologies.

Power your business with Exchange, Office and a full suite of productivity tools. Chat now.

Starts at $5.00 £4.00 A$7.00 €4.75 /user/month.

Get the most out of Outlook and your mobile email experience with the gold standard. Chat now.

Starts at $10.99 £8.79 A$15.26 €10.47 /user/month.

Professional hosted email @your-domain. Access using your favorite apps including Outlook! Chat now.

Starts at $2.99 £2.39 A$4.15 €2.85 /user/month.

Do you need a customized Exchange Server? Click here to learn more.

“With the weight of the company depending on the decision that you make, we partnered with a well-known, established company. Rackspace lived up to their expectations and their commitment to us as a company.”

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